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Eco-Cream-Deodorant ENJOY “Light Scent” unisex

General information:
ENJOY “Light Scent” unisex is designed for people who are allergic to smells. This cream deodorant has a light, barely noticeable, neutral herbal aroma. Eliminates the smell of sweat for 24 hours, without causing swelling and degeneration of the sweat glands, does not stop the body’s natural function – sweating. Soothes irritated skin. It is also recommended for use as an ointment for cracks in the fingers and heels. Promotes the rapid healing of wounds and the regeneration of new cells. Suitable for adults and children. Sold mainly in pharmacies

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This product is made in accordance with the laws of the European Union!

1. For parts of the body that have perspiration.
2. For baby skin irritated by diapers.
3. For skin care after hair removal;
4. After shaving, in places where irritation has formed;
5. For any parts of the body where there is irritation or a rash;
6. With dry skin;
7. With cracks in the skin (for example, on the heels).

The eco-cream-deodorant created by us has passed the European quality certification. The composition of creams excludes such harmful components as: aluminum hydrochloride, aluminum acetate, lead acetate, aluminum-zirconium tetrachlorohydrexglycine, alcohol, parabens.

The base of the cream is made from natural and natural ingredients, most of which we eat. For example: vegetable and essential oils and starches. All our eco-creams have been tested for toxicity and allergenicity in the European Union.

The composition of the cream: Aqua, Vegetable oil, Starch, Lemon Flavor, Paraffinum Liquidum, Vaseline, Zinc oxide, Methenamine – less than 0.15%, Paraffin, Salicylic acid – less than 1%.

Use: apply a small amount of cream on clean and dry skin with a thin layer, then rub the cream with light massage movements until it is completely absorbed into the skin. Excess cream that may remain can be wiped off.

Storage conditions: at a temperature of +5 to +25 C.


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